About Me

Hello my name is David Mathiesen and I have been filming special events for quite a number of years now. I put great emphasis on capturing the emotion and excitement of the day and edit that to an enjoyable event to watch. My goal is always to entertain and inform. If I am not doing that then what is the point?

Over many years I have developed and perfected my skills with the gracious help of various production houses around Brisbane. I also have a great desire to help the disadvantaged in this line of work.

Please call me on 0422 817 489 or you can use the contact form on this page.

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wedding ceremony

Wedding Ceremonies

I enjoy capturing the emotions of the day especially peoples' personalities. It's always the little things that make up an enjoyable video to watch eg. maybe the bride giving the groom a wink before they say their vowels. The average wedding is usually 2 to 2 and a half hours in length. The demo in the samples section is highlights only. Extra option of Blu-ray.

dance performance

Dance Performances

I really enjoy filming end of year concerts capturing the dancers in all of their splendour and talent. I know that one day they'll be leaving and the memories of their youth will be so precious to them. In editing I gather together wow factor shots from the performance and put them together as a montage at the beginning as you will see in the samples section. Extra option of Blu-ray.


NRL Second Division

I've been filming the NRL second division grand finals for a few years now at Langlands Park, a job I really enjoy. Who wouldn't want a DVD of themselves to keep for posterity? The finished DVD is delivered in HD with chapters first half, second half and presentations.

school formal

School Formals

I have ceased filming school formals many years ago however but I do keep a couple of clips on here for entertainment purposes.